Machining of aluminum parts: its advantages

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Due to the wide range of available materials, selecting the right one for your application can be challenging. In this blog, we will talk about one of the most used materials in the machining industry because of its great adaptability and resistance: aluminum.




Aluminum is a highly malleable non-ferromagnetic material that can be molded into desired shapes. At Boyfre we use aluminum in the machining processes and obtain the best possible results by using the appropriate machinery. This material, which is extracted from the mineral Bauxite, has two main processes:


  • In Metallic aluminum by means of electrolysis. It is the process that separates the elements of a compound through electricity.
  • In Alumina through the Bayer process. Patented by Karl Bayer in 1889, it is based on the dissolution of bauxite in sodium hydroxide.


Advantages of aluminum in machining


The use of aluminum for machining has multiple advantages, among which we can highlight two main ones:


First of all, it exhibits high thermal conductivity. This is especially relevant, taking into account that one of the main problems in the conventional machining processes is the overheating of the materials, both of the parts and the machines. Aluminum, therefore, dissipates the heat generated during the process more quickly than other materials.


Secondly, its low density is remarkable, which allows much lower inertial forces to be applied to the pieces to achieve the final result. Therefore, the machining process with aluminum is very fast and in addition, the energy consumed is much less significant. This allows parts to be machined at a higher speed, increasing production performance and also providing a better surface finishing.


These characteristics make aluminum one of the most used materials in the industry. Using processes such as aluminum milling we can shape this material into many applications, from parts for the structure of airplanes, trains, trams, cars and buses, to the manufacture of industrial machinery and tools, in the electrical industry, in thermal installations, etc.


If you need to carry out a machining process for aluminum parts or its alloys, do not hesitate to contact us. At Boyfre, we offer tailor-made solutions for any type of machining, processing or finishing of parts for different sectors. You can consult our services by contacting us through our telephone: + 34 93 372 26 05 or by sending an email to