Boyfre offers you a vertical manufacturing process: from idea to design and from design to part, tooling or machining, finished and delivered or assembled at the customer’s home.

We have a large group of collaborating companies, 100% certified and very trustworthy, which complements our portfolio of services and allows us to offer a bigger range of possibilities that no competitor can offer.

Our technical office gathers the needs of each client and we evaluate the need for external suppliers. We negotiate and coordinate each phase of the project, and manage the logistics, ensuring maximum compliance with the desired technical requirements.


With different fields of expertise (electronics, programming, renewables, food …)

Conceptual design of special parts or machines for specific sectors.

Creative, effective and durable solutions

We design products capable of improving any technical aspect of production, reducing costs quickly and more efficiently.

Boyfre stands out by creating machines that optimize energy consumption and maintenance costs.


We work with highly specialized companies in all kinds of precision cutting processes in two-three dimensional shapes

  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Customised cuts of profile parts
  • Biased cuts
  • Metal Plate and tube cutting

We stand out for:

  • 100% customizable products adapted to design’s needs
  • Great savings in production time
  • Reduction of waste and costs
  • Impeccable finishes with utmost precision


We offer processes of bending, bending or cylindering of sheet steel, using other precision CNC machinery

We can perform:

  • Background folding
  • Partial folding
  • Coined

The combination of cutting and bending allows Boyfre to carry out all kinds of metal structure projects.


Boyfre counts with cutting-edge machinery for the production of machined parts of high complexity and demand.

  • CNC machining centres
  • Machining by ferrule start (CNC lathes, manual lathes, milling machines …)

We can manufacture: from unique parts to short or medium series, with the highest level of precision.

We offer multiple CNC machining and external grinding solutions


Boyfre is able to design and manufacture matrices for processes such as injection or stamping …

  • We work within a set design, following the client’s specifications
  • We have automatic and CNC lathes. We have fixed and mobile heads
  • We have EDM and penetration machines
  • We work all kinds of carbon steels, cement steels, stainless steels, high speed steels …
  • We perform subsequent treatments such as TIN or DNC


At Boyfre, we have a trained team, experienced in the use of different welding techniques,  and in the handling of robotic welding machines.

  • TIG-MIG welding (key in working with stainless steel)
  • Pulsed arc welding
  • Electrolytic arc welding
  • Laser and gas welding (for the pharmaceutical industry)


We assemble and set up the machines and production lines manufactured, based on the assembly plans and technical specifications.

We offer:

  • 40 years of experience and a highly qualified and experienced team.


We take care of the entire maintenance and after sales process at the customer’s request.


We finish and give the final shape to the part, with abrasion processes, removing the excess material from the part and giving it a perfect finish.

Surface finishes

We perform all kinds of finishing treatments to achieve the desired end result for the part, tool or machine.

  • Painting
  • Polished (widely used in materials such as brass or methacrylate)
  • Sandblasting (with high precision silicon camera)
  • Anodizing
  • Chrome / Nickel treatment


Metrology: Measurement and verification

Boyfre has metrology instruments in order to detect any measurement and surface defects (marks, scratches, cracks …).

The premature detection of these defects allows us to rectify, in order to achieve the highest finishing requirements.



We offer dimensional control reports, carried out in our metrology room, or official certifications, issued by independent certifiers, of all our control tools.


Comprehensive control of transport and logistics

Boyfre takes care not only of the manufacturing and assembly of each part or machine. We take care of the transportation, installation and setting up of each client’s home.

Additionally, we take care of the acquisition and storage of raw materials, we manage the entire production process of our firm and that of our collaborators at our facilities. We fully manage internal and external logistics.

Our technical office has trained staff to design and control the entire logistics process, ensuring compliance with deadlines with all quality guarantees.