Ultrasonic Machining. How does it work?

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Ultrasonic machining is changing the manufacturing industries with its superlative performance. The main reason why the use of this machining process has been growing in the manufacturing area is because it evolves less heat in the process, a key advantage over conventional manufacturing techniques.


Machining by ultrasound or USM (Ultrasonic Machining) is characterized by the use of a specific vibrating tool. In the process, loose abrasives (typically tiny particles of diamond)  are dragged between the tool and the working piece, generating an easy break in its surface.


When the tool vibrates, the particles of the abrasive liquid collide with the metal, causing it to detach. The abrasive liquid is kept in constant movement between the tool and the cavity, thus removing the chips and the remains of the material detached in the process.


The great precision presented by this process means that ultrasound machining is used in a wide range of applications, from compounds for the aviation, through the automotive industry, such as brake discs, to the development of concave and convex lenses for the optical industry and joints or dental crowns for medicine.


What are the advantages of ultrasonic machining?


Ultrasonic machining reduces the cutting forces applied to the part and the thermal pressure that can be exerted on both the material and tools used in the machining process. In addition, it presents a great piece surface finishing and the tool is provided with a natural self-cleaning system due to the continuous fluidity of the abrasive liquid between the material and the tool.


However, it is more expensive than other more conventional machining methods.


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