Verification and Control Tools

Verification and Control Tools

Boyfre can design and manufacture all types of tooling for part testing, facilitating perfect assembly on the line and the best load handling in any industrial process.

Our tools can be integrated into machines built by Boyfre or by other manufacturers.

  • Shape, geometric and contour control
  • Workpiece contour control
  • Hole control / flush
  • Position control
  • Control of components / machined parts / injection parts / foundation parts (raw and machined)


Control gauges:

  • Gauges for internal measurements, standard and special (buffers)
  • Gauges for external measurements, standard and special (horseshoes and rings)
  • Leveling or shape gauges


Zeroing templates and patterns

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Why Boyfre?

  1. We are specialists in the manufacture of pins or control points where the part must fit perfectly to give validity to the manufacturing process.
  2. We stand out for manufacturing tools that allow more than one check in a single fixation.
  3. We offer all kinds of finishes and systems for fixing the parts
  4. We reduce our customers’ manufacturing times and costs
  5. We facilitate the manufacture of more precise, uniform and interchangeable parts.
  6. In presenters and positioners, we include centratges and fixings of the piece, to be able to position it in the space and to be verified with a three-dimensional one.
  7. In all our tools it is included, if the client requires it:
    1. The operation and maintenance manual, with all the manufacturing and assembly plans.
    2. Dimensional report of the gauge with repeatability studies, and release of the gauge with and according to the customer conditions, by a certified external company.

We adjust to the customer’s needs. We offer solutions for the improvement of production processes