What is CNC technology and how does it work?

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The different types of machining processes are an indispensable tool in the present industrial settings. Improvements in this sector allow an increasing in productivity and a reduction in the  manufacturing costs. And CNC technology has played a major role in its development.


Computer numerical control (more commonly known as CNC) is a system that allows the position of a physical element to be controlled at all times.


In machining processes, the CNC is used to control machines such as CNC lathes or CNC milling machines and thus manufacture fully customized serial products for the end customer.


What is CNC machining?


The process consists of designing a program with a set of added commands that determine the position and rotation of the tool sequentially. In this way, its exact position and speed of movement can be controlled with respect to the material that is used to manufacture the required parts.


The manufacturing process using CNC technology


The first phase of the process consists of the accurate design of the part to be manufactured using CNC machinery. It is usually done using a CAD computer aided drawing program.


Once the part has been designed, the instructions necessary for its manufacture will be coded into the machine tool. These instructions are what make up the CNC program, written in a specific and standardized language. When using the code, all the steps to be followed by the tool must be defined sequentially and in detail, for example: the exact coordinate positioning, direction and feedrate, depth, tool start or pause, etc.


The CAM support program (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) in combination with the CAD-assisted drawing program allows the automatic creation of the CNC program that will be coded into the machine tool control module.


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We use the latest technology in CNC machines, such as high-quality CNC lathes, which offer greater precision in the machining process and reduce production time.


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